Feel Hurt Instead Of Anger

2 thoughts on “Feel Hurt Instead Of Anger”

  1. I thought you were gonna say something like scream into a pillow, because feeling hurt isn’t what comes to mind when I’m expressing anger 😄 This is a healthy way to express it though.
    Feeling hurt is not something most people will do or think about, but you proposed a good and unexpected way to deal with anger.
    In addition to what you wrote, I’d like to suggest two ways to deal with anger. First way and my favorite is to communicate it directly to the person you were angry about. Tell them what is happening for you, how you feel. In a calm way and this will allows you to get it out, deal with it and move forward.
    Sometimes communicating directly isn’t possible or it’s not worth it to make things up with them. So the second way is to meditate. Sit with your thoughts and your emotions and watch them and experience them. You give yourself chance to process them and let go.

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    1. Feeling hurt is the last thing that would come to mind when someone is expressing anger, because that’s part of what anger naturally does. It takes the feeling of hurt out of mind.

      Well said, and thanks for sharing your advice!

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