The Wim Hof Method – Breathing

The Wim Hof Method is a structured deep breathing exercise that aims to exercise the sympathetic nervous system by artificially creating a controlled stressor on the cellular level in your body. You will experience this as lightheadedness and tingling sensations (“These side effects are completely harmless.”) The experience is really intense the first few times … Continue reading The Wim Hof Method – Breathing

The stories we tell ourselves

Some background: I’m an instructor at a Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp. So I teach classes everyday, or I prepare for upcoming classes everyday. You know, teaching, especially in a massive class as the one I’m currently teaching, is making me see people in very terrible situations. Someone who has no business being a developer whatsoever is … Continue reading The stories we tell ourselves

Personal Responsibility

I have things to complain about. Things going wrong around me. At home. At work. In the social world. In the past. I see with absolutely crystal clarity what is going wrong, who’s responsibility or fault it is, and how it ought to be resolved. I almost always know that. So, I certainly have a … Continue reading Personal Responsibility

A blog?

The reason I haven’t written anything in the past three years is because along the way I discovered that most of the time no one has anything to say that hasn’t already been said. Not too long after, I discovered something else. That that’s not why people talk or listen. I’m not particularly extraverted. I … Continue reading A blog?